The Stone Patio


Stone Patio

Since the beginnings of humankind, man has aspired to, received satisfaction from, and attained everlasting fame by moving the biggest, largest thing he can imagine, which would be rock.

History records the trials and tribulations, sacrifices, many have made for the immortal cause.

[heading title=”An Abridged History of Big Rocks”]

Stonehenge                                                                       (est 3000-2000 BC)

Pyramids                                                                             (est 2700-1700 BC)

Hale Mill – across the street                                         (completed 1865)

NY Central Park – more gunpowder used to          (completed 1873)                           move boulders than the whole Battle of Gettysburg

Bassem’s New Stone Patio                                                (circa 2012)


It was not an easy feat.

Hours of hard labor with the grueling sun beating down.

Famine, Flood, Pestilence

But nothing would stop him from finishing what he set out to accomplish.

Not even Jim.

Working on the patio
Safety First

I told him to put the rocks over there, but he put the dirt there and the rocks where I told him not to.

Then I had to go and do it all over again myself.



All's Well

That Ends Well





warm and sunny

lots of cool shade

River view




Bring your friends, bring your family, you can even bring your pet!

It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a rock, except maybe the pet rock part. (RIP Gary Dahl)

Best secret of all?

It’s free for you to enjoy any time of year (but we recommend spring to experience the best flowers)

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